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Starbird Park in San Jose, CA, is a beloved and cherished park in downtown San Jose’s heart. Named after Charles Starbird, the first mayor of San Jose, the park is the perfect place to spend the day whether you’re looking to relax, explore, or have an outdoor adventure. Learn more here.

At the park’s entrance stands a tall bronze statue of Charles Starbird, unveiled in 1972 by the mayor of San Jose to honor the man who is considered the father of San Jose. With the Silicon Valley skyline behind it, the statue serves as a reminder of the city’s history and a symbol of progress and development. A walking path lined with shady trees and blooming flowers takes you through the large, open field of the park. Along the way, visitors can enjoy the lush green lawns and explore the gardens filled with various colorful plants. The park also features exciting wind sculptures and water structures, making it a great place to take in art and natural beauty. Learn more about Starbird Park in San Jose, CA: A beloved and cherished park.

Kids can enjoy the playground with its wooden structures, swings, and slides. There is also a basketball court and locked-gate areas for dog walkers. For those looking for a peaceful retreat, there are several tables, benches, and gazebos to offer a pleasant and comfortable resting place.